Mobile Payment Collection Platform,
Secured In Banks’ Standards

Enabling financial institutions and non-FIs to introduce
a branded mobile payment collection & wallet service

Naturally Immersed into
Your Mobile Payment Innovation Strategy

The Cobox platform and its unique payment-collection IP is seamlessly merged into the banking infrastructure,
enabling it to introduce a proven mobile payment collection and wallet service to all banks’ consumers, saving years of development time

Payment Collection


Financial Institutions & non-financial institutions can implement the Cobox SDK into an existing service within a matter of days


Customized\branded mobile payment collection & wallet service to banks. Ready to launch…with YOUR brand

Position Yourself

Boost Your Innovation


Viral User Growth Engine

Our group payment collection “cracked” the viral user growth of a payment system with over 20% MoM growth


Access Your Competitor’s Clients

Our lead nutrition engine allows you access to all bank’s consumers, even to your competitor’s clients, and engage them


Ready to Launch

We’re established, validated and optimized. Now our partners get to pick the fruits and save years of development time

Proven With End Users

Hundreds of thousands of real consumers use the Cobox platform, execute financial transactions
and create new virtual checking accounts on a daily basis


Processed Volume




Engaged Users